36W UV λαμπα +UV τζελ STARTER KIT

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36W UV λαμπα +UV τζελ STARTER KIT

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Fräulein 3°8 professional 36 Watt UV λαμπα + UV τζελ STARTER KIT.


1 x Fräulein 3°8 επαγγελματικο 36 Watt UV Lamp
τζελ χτισιματος x 3 (white, clear and pink)
Cleanser plus x 1
UV topcoat x 1
πενσα νυχιωνx 1
Nail polisher x 2
    φορμες νυχιων x 20
Pen x 7

It is a 2009 patent design!
  • From a professional German nail art brand Fräulein 3°8.
  • With 4 pcs 9W UV Lignt Tubes.
  • It has a blue time led display in the center of the lamp.
  • You can see clearly the remain time and adjust it from 1 - 60 minutes.
  • It has 4 protecting shields between the bulbs.

For the safety of your hands as well as the bulbs.
  • Ideal for instant gel nails curing as well as setting for nail varnish.
  • Timer controller plus manual use make it convenient for professional
  • nail technicians, student or personal use.
  • Can be used with various kinds of UV products, such as UV Top Coat / UV
    Builder Gel / etc.
  • Voltage: 220V-240V 50HZ
  • (Additional power converter may needed when local power supply is not 220v)
  • Timer: 0-60minute Default time: 2 minute
  • Wavelength of highest peak=370 um
  • Using 4 x 9 watt lamp tubes (included)

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